Jessica D.

Jessica has always had a love for animals, she has always been fascinated with the different type of dog/cat breeds at a very young age as well as some farm animals. What started out as volunteering, Jessica now has over 15 years experience in the animal care field. She has graduated from Sheridan College with her Animal Care certificate and attended Seneca College for Veterinarian Technician. She brings different outlooks and knowledge as well, having attended different College and University programs. Jessica has been with Beattie Animal Hospital since June of 2017 as a Customer Service Specialist in Brantford and has now moved to Ancaster. She currently has 2 dogs at home, Roger and Daisy, a frog named Marvin (aka Mr. Frog) and a turtle named George. She resides with her parents and spouse in Haldimand County. Jessica likes to treat everyone with respect. Quoting a phrase she learned at a very young age, “treat people the way you want to be treated.”