Customer Service Manager

Pets: Azure (Neapolitan Mastiff), Croissant (Leopard Gecko)

Deidra joined the Beattie Team in October of 2015 as a Customer Service Specialist. After 3 years, her easy-going and friendly personality with our clientele shined and led her to promotion as Ancaster’s Customer Service Manager. Initially, Deidra went to college to study accounting, but after 7 years of volunteering with the SPCA and involvement with doggie daycares, her passion switched to our furry friends! To further her passion for animals, she decided to take some courses in animal sciences and canine obedience/behaviour. During her non-Beattie hours she spends time with her babies which include a young son named Ozias who has Brittle Bone Disease, a 170lb Neapolitan Mastiff named Azure, and Leopard Gecko that her son has named Croissant.