Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations for Your Pet’s Health

Hamilton Veterinarian are pleased that you’ve selected us as your Hamilton veterinarian. One of the services we provide most often is pet vaccinations. Although we will recommend vaccines on an individual basis based on your pet’s age, health, and other contributing factors, there are specific vaccinations that most pets will require.

Common Pet Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats

The rabies vaccine is one the most common of the pet vaccinations that we provide at our pet hospital. Rabies is a very serious disease that is still often found in wild animals. Any unplanned contact with an animal carrying the rabies virus can transmit it to your met, making him extremely ill. Rabies can make your pet critically ill and it can even be deadly, and the vaccine is a simple way to avoid it.

Another of the very common pet vaccinations here at our pet hospital is Bordetella vaccination. Bordetella is transmitted very easily among un-vaccinated animals in groups — even if the pet doesn’t live with other animals. Bordetella, also called kennel cough, is something that pets can contract while in a play group with an infected animal, for example. It can lead to serious breathing and lung issues, even pneumonia. The vaccine can help you to avoid it completely.

The feline leukemia vaccine is administered for cats by our Hamilton veterinarian. Feline leukemia attacks the immune system and leaves the cat or kitten open to serious health problems that can include cancer and blood problems. It is spread very easily through saliva, urine, and mother’s milk, but the vaccine will prevent this transmission.

Vaccinations at our pet hospital are an extremely quick process — literally, a pet vaccination takes seconds to perform — and they are very rarely painful for the animal. Any pain caused by the thin needle delivering the vaccine is very fleeting, and our compassionate staff is here to lovingly support your pet throughout their visit.

If your pet already has health issues, is a senior or in geriatric years, or spends a lot of time in a different environment, you should be sure to mention these things to the vet as it may change the recommendations for a vaccination schedule. Having your pet vaccinated is a great gift to give them — it can be a life-saver! Contact us at 289-639-5600 to schedule your pet’s vaccinations.