Our experienced veterinary staff at Beattie Pet Hospital in Hamilton offers a variety of anesthesia and surgery options for your pets. Drawing from over 50 years of experience of providing quality and compassionate full-service veterinary care for your cats and dogs, we are happy to offer animal surgical procedures when your pet requires it. Beattie Pet Hospital allows us to serve an even greater number of pet owners and their beloved cats and dogs.

While we focus on wellness appointments for preventative measures, we also provide pet anesthetic and surgical procedures when your pet requires them. Each veterinarian on our staff, along with each of our vet techs and assistants, is qualified and experienced to provide competent care for your pet surgery.

We focus on not only precise surgical care using laser technology and compassionate post-surgery care, but we also use the most modern techniques that will make healing and recovery faster and more comfortable. We also provide separate surgical and intensive care units for cats and dogs.