New Year’s Resolutions to Help Your Pet Live Longer

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Happy New Year with dog and cat celebrating

New Year’s Eve has come and gone. We’ve now entered a new year. For some people, 2017 wasn’t the best year. But that doesn’t mean that 2018 can’t be amazing, fun and full plans to make your life better.

But what about your pets? Have they made any New Year’s Resolutions or have made any for them? Maybe it’s to make them just a bit more healthier. What about making a New Year’s Resolution for yourself and your pet at the same time. 

Here’s some New Year Resolutions that can improve your pet’s life and help them live longer.

Make a date with your Vet:

Making a yearly examination with your veterinarian is the most important step in keeping your pet happy and healthy. They can also give you some ideas about what you can do to make your pet live healthier. No matter what age or species, your pet should go see the vet at least once a year. It is also mandatory to have a doctor-patient relationship to receive any medications from your veterinarian.  Many medical conditions are easier to manage if they are detected early. This is also the best time to ask any questions you may have.

Measure your pet’s food–every time:

Measure your pet’s food helps with weight control. We often over feed our pet. We commonly look at our pet’s food bowl vs the amount of food in the bowl and we will think that the food in the bowl isn’t enough. Then our pet may come over and start to beg. The pet many go to another member of the household and act like they haven’t been feed yet. So more food is added to the full bowl or now empty bowl. 
The best way to control this is by getting a smaller bowl. The size of the bowl should be large enough for your pet to eat comfortably. Have timed feedings. This will help with control your pet’s over eating. If there’s more than one person in the house, have a calendar or a check off sheet to let the other members of the family know that Fluffy has been already fed at that time. Also pick up an 8oz cup. This can help you know how much is given each feeding.  

Try a new activity with your pet:

Try something new! Your pet is never too old to learn. The saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” doesn’t mean anything. If you’re willing to take the time and work with your pet, they can learn anything. Take up a class at your local dog training school. Best class for an older dog to take would be Obedience. It’s a lot of fun and helps build your bond together. Look up how to make your cat more active or maybe treat them how to cat agility. It is a thing. Look it up!

Practice good oral hygiene for your pet:

Your mouth and your pet’s mouth contain a ton of bacteria. Keeping clean keeps us and our pets healthy. Tartar build up and gingivitis cause the bacteria that is in your pet’s mouth to move throughout their body and can cause many more issues than just bad breath. Many veterinarian diets or approved dental treats can be helpful in keeping your pet’s teeth clean.

Be prepared for the unexpected:

Bad things happen at the worst times and usually unexpected. The best thing to do is to have coverage. Just like yourself or your car, having insurance helps you take care of your pet when cost is a factor. Depending on the company or the issue, you could get 90% of cost covered. Ask your vet when you come in for your exam about the different insurance companies. 


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