Stop Your Cat From Waking You up to Eat in 4 Steps

By July 15, 2016 Uncategorized

It’s the one day you get to sleep in a little late, but your cat is on your head at 6AM singing the song of his (very hungry) people. It might sound ridiculous to say you can control this behavior, but it’s possible through persistence.

1. Don’t give into your cat’s morning demands… ever.

If you get up because you just can’t take it, that really enforces the behavior.

2. Feed your feline friend later to avoid morning hunger.

Think about feeding dinner later in the evening, or maybe splitting up meals and feeding a little right before bed.

3. Tire your cat out at night so they sleep in.

Get them to play, get them to hunt and get them to wear themselves out.

4. Be consistent!

If it never happens, they will give up. If it happens every now and then, you’re encouraging them to try harder.

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