Pet Grooming Important for Better Pet Health & Hygiene

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If you think that professional pet grooming is only for show-dogs, think again. Professional grooming offers a number of important health benefits for all types of dogs and cats.

4 Professional Pet Grooming Benefits

Here are four reasons why our Burlington animal hospital recommends professional cat and dog grooming services for all our pets:

#1: Keep skin and coats healthy. Regular pet grooming is important for all pets, especially if your dog likes to play outside or roll in the mud. Dirt, allergens and dander can build up in your pet’s fur. Not only is matted fur unhygienic and smelly, but matted fur is also an invitation for fleas and other parasites. Regular baths keep your pet clean and smelling fresh.

#2: Help nervous pets relax. Bathing an anxious dog can be quite a challenge! Trimming nails on a nervous pet can be even more difficult. Anxious pets may squirm or try to escape. This increases the risk for cutting the nail quick, which is incredibly painful and causes bleeding. Professional groomers are fully experienced with nervous or anxious pets. These groomers can help pets relax and enjoy their grooming experience. Pets will be happier and safer, thanks to a reduced risk for escape or injury.

#3: Manage allergies. Are you or a family member allergic to dogs or cats? Individuals with mild allergies can still happily share their homes with pets as long as these pets are regularly groomed. Regular grooming also helps to combat pollen and ragweed allergies. When pets play outside, these allergens can attach to their fur. The allergens are then deposited on the carpet, bedding and furniture when pets come back inside. Regular baths cuts down on allergens so everyone can breathe easy.

#4: Professionally trim fur. It’s easy to “over-trim” while giving your pet a do-it-yourself haircut. This exposes your pet’s skin and increases the risk for a burn. Whether you prefer your pet with a fancy haircut or simply a summer trim, professional dog grooming is safer than cutting your pet’s fur at home.

When was the last time that your pet was professional groomed?


  • Ashley Turns says:

    My husband has a mild allergy to cat fur but knows that I love them, so he got me one for Christmas. I have been wondering in what ways I can make this new pet easier on him. So thank you for mentioning that if we were to regularly have our pet groomed professionally, it helps lower the number of allergens that can be breathed.

  • David Marsh says:

    Grooming is the important pet care tips to keep your pet healthy and fit. Grooming keep your pet clean and fresh. Also protect your pet from attracting of severe diseases. So always do regular grooming. Regularly do brush up their teeth and brushing protects your pet from facing severe dental infection and also remove helps to remove the bedding material in their coat. By grooming you can also check if there is any abnormality occurs in your pet, weather that may be a skin problem or eye infection etc. And at early stage this problem can be solved in the right way.

  • amazing and best articles keep sharing such a blessed knowledge!

  • My fiance and I just recently adopted a puppy named Boomer. We want to get him to a dog grooming service soon to keep his coat and overall physical appearance looking good. Both of us appreciate what you said about only professionally trimming fur to avoid over trimming which is something we will do.

  • Amanda Drew says:

    That’s scary that parasites like fleas are able to get into matted fur and cause problems that way. My dog, Ezra, somehow got a big mat in his tail. I can’t brush it out myself, and he could probably use with a little bit of pampering anyway. I’ll have to find a pet groomer to take Ezra to so that he can get his tail fixed.

  • My sister has a new dog and she wants to make sure that it’s healthy. It was explained here that pet grooming isn’t only for show dogs. Furthermore, it’s advisable to go to veterinarians for quality pet grooming services.

  • Sherry Gajos says:

    I liked what you said about how professional groomers can help nervous pets relax. We’re getting a dog for the first time and I want to line up a good groomer ahead of time so our puppy can get her nails trimmed and coat kept nice without getting hurt. Thank you for the information about how these sorts of groomer can make the pets feel happier and safer during and after their grooming experience.

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